Welcome to Virtual Wod Challenges!

Thank you for visiting our website and for being a part of a great community.

     Our company is made up of fitness enthusiasts who pride themselves in dedicating workouts to fallen heroes, charities, holidays, and significant events.

     Most of our sources of inspiration are former and active duty military, police, fire, medical personnel, disabled veterans, and all of their families.

     We will be featuring various virtual challenges throughout the year to promote community, health, and well being.  



Q.  Are we a non-profit organization​ ?

A. We are not officially classified as a charity by the IRS but we raise money for organizations who are, every participant makes a difference.

Q. When will I receive my shirt?


A.  All shirts are printed after registering. When we have the minimum for a batch order, they will be printed and mailed to you.  This avoids

excess inventory so more proceeds can be donated.  Thank you for your patience.

Q. When will donations be given, and how can I see how much money was raised?

A. Donations will be given at the completion of every challenge.  Proof of the donation can be viewed in the Past Challenges/Donation Proof 

tab at the top of the page.

Q.  Is there an age requirement?

A.  No, there is no age requirement.  However, if you are under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must read and agree to the

Liability Waiver and Release Agreement before registering. Specific instructions are stated on the Liability Waiver and Release 

agreement page.

Q. How can I make an additional donation to the charity?

A.  You can make an additional donation by directly visiting the website of the specific charity.  You can view the list of charities that we

benefited by clicking the Past Challenges/Donation Proof tab at the top of the page.

Q. How can I contact Virtual WOD Challanges ?

A. Please email all questions, concerns, and feedback to virtualwodchallenges@gmail.com 


INSTRUCTIONS For groups of 10 or more registrations:

1.  Email a list to virtualwodchallenges@gmail.com including the full name of everyone registered in your group.

2. Include a full name and address of where you would like to have your 3x6' banner sent to!

Thank you for your support!

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